Put Things In Order

Do you have your acts together? Are your things in order? What does it mean to you to have your things in order? Does it mean to have your retirement plan in order? Does it mean a plan for your relationships, job, and children? Have you left someone out of your plan? Often, when weContinue reading “Put Things In Order”

The Advocate

How well do you execute requirements? Are you eager to follow them? Or do you prefer to buck the system, to do your own thing? Would you like to have help in adhering to the rules? Are you seeking to know the truth? Do you know help is available? There are laws, rules, and requirementsContinue reading “The Advocate”


Do you feel blessed? Do you want to be blessed? What kind of blessing are you looking for? Is it a physical blessing? Is it a financial blessing? Is it a mental blessing? Is it a relationship blessing? Have you considered the blessings you have already received and are currently receiving? Desiring to be blessedContinue reading “Blessed”

Test the Spirits

Have you ever tested the spirits? Have you discerned whether they are from God or are evil? Do you make the effort to ensure you are being led by the correct Spirit? Do you know there are different kinds of spirits roaming this world? In some ways, our culture has glamorized spirits and deflected theContinue reading “Test the Spirits”

Know the Truth

Are you seeking to gain knowledge? Do you seek to know the truth? Or do you listen to every false rumor being thrown out for consumption? Do you seek to have an anchor or are you willingly tossed about on the seas? There are many in this world who would lead us astray. With today’sContinue reading “Know the Truth”

Perfection Through Obedience

What concerns you today? Are you in anguish over something? What would you like to change? Is there something in your life that needs rescuing? Are you in need of being saved? Have you chosen to obey God? We all need rescuing from something. There is something in our lives that needs God’s attention. WeContinue reading “Perfection Through Obedience”

Bear Good Fruit

Do you think of yourself as being a good person? Would you like to be a better person? How do you define a good person? What if you could receive guidance and help in becoming a better person? Would you accept it? Most of us want to be better than we are. We want othersContinue reading “Bear Good Fruit”

Prevail In Faith

How is your faith? Are you holding onto it? Are you finding it challenging to do so in our current times? Do you long for easier days? Are you hanging on by a thread? Have you asked God to build your faith? We are living in troubling times. We have several disconcerting worries and activitiesContinue reading “Prevail In Faith”

Experience the Holy Spirit

What questions do you have about the Holy Spirit? Do you wonder when you receive the Holy Spirit? Do you wonder if the Holy Spirit is in you? Have you had experiences with the Holy Spirit? The Holy Spirit is a mystery to many Christians. They don’t talk about Him. They don’t study Him. TheyContinue reading “Experience the Holy Spirit”

The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Do you hear a calling? Do you have a feeling like you are being pulled toward something? Are you looking for a reward? Are you seeking the source of the calling? Do you know who is calling you? We are all being called, even if we are ignoring the call. We may not realize theContinue reading “The Gift That Keeps On Giving”