Promise Proclaimed

Have you heard a proclamation? Have you heard news that is so good that you had to hurry to tell friends and family about it? Have you witnessed something so unbelievable you couldn’t wait to tell someone else? Have you seen a miracle?

We have all heard a proclamation at some time or another. I’m not talking about a person making a statement, but an official proclamation. It may have been a local official making an official announcement about a new ordinance that will take affect soon. Or maybe the owner of the company you work for announced significant safety measures will be enforced.

Typically, a proclamation is an official announcement concerning a significant change that will be implemented soon. It will impact many people’s lives. Some proclamations will change our lives for the better and some will have little or no affect. We take some to heart and others we discard quickly.

John the Baptist was curious about Jesus and sent his disciples to ask Him if He was the one who had been foretold. Jesus’ reply is simple and yet, doesn’t answer the question directly. Jesus allowed John to come to his own conclusions based on the facts.

However, Jesus’ answer leaves no room for John to mistake the message. The miracles He had performed could not have been performed by the average man. The good news being proclaimed was the seal, if there was any doubt left, as to who He was. It was the fulfillment of prophecy.

The good news proclaimed was the forgiveness of sins and God’s plan being implemented. It was a new world order being put in place. Those who were being oppressed could now take comfort that help was on its way. There would be a release from the prison of this world. A promise of eternity with God was being made.

As we know, Jesus was not proclaiming that He was going to remove the Romans from Israel. He wasn’t going to sit on a throne like David or any other king. His message was one of hope, love, joy, and salvation. His message affected more than our mortal lives.

The message Jesus proclaimed to His listeners is still valid today. We can take hold of the promise He made for eternity. His promise continues to be proclaimed today. We wait for its final fulfillment at an unknown time in the future.

I pray we all hear the proclamation of Jesus. I pray we take hold of His promises. I pray each of us will contemplate the hope, love, joy, and salvation Jesus provides to us. Hear Jesus’ message. Store His promise in your heart. Proclaim the good news to others. 

Luke 7:22 So he replied to the messengers, “Go back and report to John what you have seen and heard: The blind receive sight, the lame walk, those who have leprosy are cleansed, the deaf hear, the dead are raised, and the good news is proclaimed to the poor.”

Published by martypressey

Marty is a Pastor, retired Marine and dedicated Christian who has taught adult Bible classes and preached for 20 years. He currently serves as pastor of 3 United Methodist Churches. He believes being well-grounded in the Scriptures is key to living a better life. He brings a layman’s viewpoint to all his classes and sermons, helping others understand how to apply Scripture to their daily lives. When he sees others understand the message of a particular passage, it brings him great joy. He has seen his faith increase exponentially over the years; fully believing God has a plan and is executing it. He feels blessed to be part of that plan.

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