Something Special

How well do you follow instructions? Do you listen for all the instructions to be given? Or do you assume you know what is going to be said and head off on a task before receiving all the instructions? Do you recognize the moment? Or does it take someone to point it out to you?Continue reading “Something Special”

Be Willing

What are you willing to give to others? Are you willing to give something expensive to help someone else? Would you give up a prize possession if someone was in need of it? Does the situation make a difference in your decision? What are you willing to give God? Giving to others may be easyContinue reading “Be Willing”

Thankful for Love

What does it mean to you to be loved? Is being loved something you are thankful for? Have you felt loved at one time and unloved at another? Do you want to know that you are loved at all times? What if I told you, you are? Will you be thankful for that love? BeingContinue reading “Thankful for Love”

Rejoice with Abraham

What causes you to rejoice? Is it a promotion in your job? Is finding someone special to be your companion for life? Is it watching your child accomplish something they have been working hard for? What causes you to rejoice? Do you rejoice in Jesus Christ? Many things in this world can provide us withContinue reading “Rejoice with Abraham”

Be Like a Child

Do you sometimes feel like a child? Do you act like a child? Do you experience exhilaration, surprise, and pure joy like a child? Or are you an old fuddy duddy who frowns and prefers not to be excited or surprised? What if you needed to be like a child? Would that change your attitude?Continue reading “Be Like a Child”

Seek Renewal

Have you ever felt like you just needed to get away for a little while? Have felt like you needed a break from the hustle and bustle of life? Has your job been very busy, causing you to feel frazzled and worn out? Were you able to find solace somewhere or were you bothered viaContinue reading “Seek Renewal”

Do You Believe?

Have you wrestled with knowing Jesus? Do you continue to learn something new about Him? Do you wonder about some of the stories you have heard about Him? Do you believe He is the Son of God? Do you believe He is who He says He is? Belief can be a challenging thing. We mayContinue reading “Do You Believe?”

Think About It

Do you plan what you are going to do? Do you think through the options and decide on the best or correct action? Have you suffered consequences when you have not? Have you experienced things working out when you do? Have you considered Jesus did everything on purpose? Sometimes, we make spur-of-the-moment decisions. We randomlyContinue reading “Think About It”

Living Free

What does it mean to be alive to you? Do you distinguish between merely existing and really living? Is that distinction based on what you do or the possessions you have? Is it based on the relationships you have? Is one of those relationships your relationship with God? We hear about quality of life. WeContinue reading “Living Free”

New Life Given

What do you know of the Holy Spirit? Do you know that God has sent his Spirit to live within us? Do you know that God promised his Spirit would live in us long ago? Does it help you to know that God has delivered on his promise? Do you communicate with the Holy Spirit?Continue reading “New Life Given”