A Perfect Place

Are you looking for a better place? Do you long to be in a better situation? Are you someone who works toward goals? Or are you a person who works out of love? Do you know there is a better place? Do you know God has prepared it for you? Many of us long forContinue reading “A Perfect Place”

Peaceful Living

How often do you pray? What or who are you praying for? Do you pray for others? Do you pray for those you are not especially fond of? Do you pray for leaders at all levels of organizations and government? Many of us pray for our needs. We likely also pray for the needs ofContinue reading “Peaceful Living”

Standing Firm

What is written on your heart? Is love written there? Is being faithful written there? Have bound them to you? Do you live by them each and every day? Do you know that living by them will provide you with a good name? It seems a good name in today‚Äôs world is no longer aContinue reading “Standing Firm”

Easter Eve

How well do you handle disappointment? How do you react when it seems your whole world has crashed around you? Who do you run to when you need a shoulder to cry on? Have you ever had to run for your life? What do you think your reaction would be? We all have down times.Continue reading “Easter Eve”