Firm Foundation

What is the foundation of your life? Do you know what your foundational beliefs are? Do you trust in anything or are you wondering through life aimlessly? Have you considered there is One who has laid a foundation and is the foundation for an abundant life? I see far too many people wondering through lifeContinue reading “Firm Foundation”

Strong Foundation

Do you wonder what God wants you to do? Have you ever tried to get to the root answer to that question? Would you like to know the central answer from which all other answers build on? When we take a serious look at life, we often look at our current position and how weContinue reading “Strong Foundation”

Standing Firm

What is written on your heart? Is love written there? Is being faithful written there? Have bound them to you? Do you live by them each and every day? Do you know that living by them will provide you with a good name? It seems a good name in today‚Äôs world is no longer aContinue reading “Standing Firm”