Loving Discipline

Have you experienced hardship? Have you considered it to be discipline? Do you like to be disciplined? Has discipline done you well in your life? Did your parents discipline you? Have you disciplined your children? Have you thought that God will discipline his children? We often do not like discipline when it is initially dishedContinue reading “Loving Discipline”

Royal Priesthood

Have you ever thought of yourself as chosen? Have you thought of yourself as a priest? Do you consider yourself to be part of a holy nation? Do you proclaim the mighty acts of Jesus? I dare say many of us often do not feel as though we are chosen. We may even feel asContinue reading “Royal Priesthood”

Forever Love

Do you feel loved? How much do you feel loved? Is the love you feel merely emotional, gushy, or fleeting? Or is the love you feel a committed, decisive, and long-lasting love? Do you know that God loves you? Do you know that Jesus loves you? Do you know Jesus is committed to you? AsContinue reading “Forever Love”

Blessed by God

How blessed do you feel? Do you feel blessed when you are struggling? Do you feel blessed when you are being laughed at for your faith? Do you feel blessed when you show mercy or are a peacemaker? Do you consider yourself to be as blessed as the apostles? Jesus tells us in what weContinue reading “Blessed by God”

Blessed and Forgiven

What is your view of God? Do you think he has changed over time? Do you or have you had the opinion that God was an angry God in the Old Testament? Have you spent time studying the stories of the Jews? Have you taken time to understand what God was doing? If you haveContinue reading “Blessed and Forgiven”

God’s Favor

Have you sought someone’s favor? Do you work to get on someone’s good side? Would you like to have someone leave you a handsome inheritance? Do you long for peace in your life? Where have you looked for peace? There are times in which we long to be on the good side of someone. ItContinue reading “God’s Favor”

God as a Newborn

Do you like to hold newborn babies? Are you afraid you will hurt them? Do you think they are fragile? Are you over caring, overreacting to every sneeze, cough, or cry? How would you feel if you had been Mary holding the newborn baby Jesus? We all react differently with newborns. Some of us can’tContinue reading “God as a Newborn”

Who’s Number 1?

Who is number one in your life? Who is it you hold above all others? Are you serving other gods? Do you set other priorities above God? Have you considered the importance of making God number one? Despite what we may think, we often do not make God our number one priority. We put ourContinue reading “Who’s Number 1?”

Extravagant Love

How is your relationship with God? Do you connect with Christ? Are you communicating with God on a regular basis? Do you only reach out when you are in trouble, fearful, filled with anxiety, or in dire need? Do you know you are loved by Christ? Our relationship with God depends as much on usContinue reading “Extravagant Love”