Everlasting Love

How long does love last? Will it last to the end? Do you wonder where love is? Have you experienced a deep, committed love? Are you looking for a love that will never end? Do you know there is an everlasting love available to you? We all look for love. We long for someone thatContinue reading “Everlasting Love”

Ultimate Love

Are you looking for love? Do you think you are unlovable? Is there someone you wish would show love to you? Do you realize that God loves? Do you say that isn’t enough? We all desire love. We may hide our desire. We may lie to ourselves, telling ourselves we don’t need love. We mayContinue reading “Ultimate Love”

Christ Died for Sinners

Have you ever watched a war movie? Have you noticed it seems all the characters in the movie are heroes? They run toward the fighting. The jump on the grenade to save their buddies. They run straight to the machinegun nest to take it out to save their platoon. Do you believe that is realContinue reading “Christ Died for Sinners”

Live for Christ

How do you go about your daily life? How do you live day-to-day? What is your attitude toward living? Have you ever stopped to think about how you approach living your life? Who are you living for? Are you living for and in the Son of God? We know our lives are busy in today’sContinue reading “Live for Christ”