Jesus Given Authority

By what authority do you act? Do you know the authority by which others act? What or who is the highest authority? Do you view authority from a human perspective? Have you attempted to view authority from God’s perspective? We are granted authority from higher authorities. While working our jobs, we may be given authorityContinue reading “Jesus Given Authority”

Jesus’ Authority

What is your view of authority? Do you obey those in authority? Are you someone who rebels against authority? Are you in a position of authority? How might you need to change your attitude to submit to authority? Have you submitted to Jesus’ authority? Over the ages there have been a plethora of people whoContinue reading “Jesus’ Authority”

Overcome by the Spirit

Have you been overcome by a seemingly uncontrollable feeling? Have you felt pushed to do something good for someone you would not normally do? Did you chalk it up to a sudden urge? Or did you consider it could be something more powerful than you? Sometimes we act on impulses. Those impulses can drive someContinue reading “Overcome by the Spirit”

You Cannot Know

Do you want to know the future? Do you wish you could control the future? Are you trying to control it? Do you listen to predictions others are making? Do you make your own predictions? What are you basing them on? How often are you correct? It is in our nature to want to knowContinue reading “You Cannot Know”

Blessed by the Spirit

What does reviling mean to you? Would you like to be reviled? How often do you speak of Christ? Do you speak of Him blessing you? Do you speak of His mighty works? Do you speak of Him standing at the right hand of God the Father? Is His Spirit resting on you? I dareContinue reading “Blessed by the Spirit”


Do you like to feel as though you belong? Do you like to be accepted? What type of group do you want to belong to? Is it a national organization? Is it a local organization? Is it a certain group of friends? Is it your family? You can belong to the best family. We areContinue reading “Accepted”

Royal Priesthood

Have you ever thought of yourself as chosen? Have you thought of yourself as a priest? Do you consider yourself to be part of a holy nation? Do you proclaim the mighty acts of Jesus? I dare say many of us often do not feel as though we are chosen. We may even feel asContinue reading “Royal Priesthood”

Living Stone

What does it mean to you to live? Is living having a good job? Does it include having a spouse you love dearly? Does living mean doing exciting and joyful things? Is it having enough money to take vacations to foreign lands? Have you thought it is being part of God’s church? We hear someContinue reading “Living Stone”

Profess Your Faith

Do you enjoy a comfortable life? Do you like having a nice home? Do you have a nice car to take you from place to place? Do you love getting coffee from a coffee house? Are you popular among your co-workers or fellow students? Have you considered being persecuted? We often live a pretty comfortableContinue reading “Profess Your Faith”

Crucified for Us

How does the crucifixion of Jesus affect you? Does it only remind you that you have been forgiven? Does it only remind you that salvation is available to you? Does it only remind you that there is hope? Or does it have a much deeper meaning to you? Jesus’ crucifixion should affect us deep inContinue reading “Crucified for Us”