Trust Jesus

What evidence convinces you something is a fact? Do you need to be a witness of it? Will you listen to the testimony of witnesses? Does the reputation of the witness matter? Do you look for signs of truth? Will you throw away the truth if you do not have confirmation? Getting to the bottomContinue reading “Trust Jesus”

Miracles Witnessed

Have you ever witnessed a miracle? If so, what kind of miracle was it? If not, do you want to see a miracle? How do you define miracles? Are they supernatural? Do you believe all miracles come from God? Have you heard someone say they can grant a miracle? Miracles amaze us. We cannot explainContinue reading “Miracles Witnessed”

Miraculous Release

Have you ever felt doomed? Have you felt as though you were about to be sentenced to a punishment you didn’t deserve? Are you in a situation like that now? Are you asking God to step in and pull you through it? There are times when we may be persecuted for our faith. That mayContinue reading “Miraculous Release”

Foolishness and Weakness

Do you feel ostracized? Do others look down on you? Do you think of yourself as being weak? Do you consider your intelligence lacking? Do you feel as though no one listens to you? Have you decided to accept God’s wisdom? We interact with people with all types of knowledge, skills, and abilities in thisContinue reading “Foolishness and Weakness”


Have you ever witnessed something outlandish? Have you witnessed an event that was amazing? Have you witnessed something that you wouldn’t believe if you hadn’t seen it with your own eyes? Have you tried to convince someone else that you actually saw it? We all have seen something during our lifetimes that stunned us. WeContinue reading “Eyewitness”