Spiritual Healing

Have you ever been sick—I mean really, really sick? Have you been so sick you could not get out of bed? Have you felt absolutely miserable, weak, and longing for healing? Where did you seek the healing you needed? Did you go to the doctor? Did you end up at the hospital? When we areContinue reading “Spiritual Healing”

Seek God’s Kingdom

What is your number one priority? What is it you are chasing after? What are you trying to achieve? Is it seeking a higher education? Is it seeking a new job? Is it seeking a companion? Is it seeking to help others? Is it seeking financial security? Is it seeking a solid retirement? We seekContinue reading “Seek God’s Kingdom”

Hear God Speak

Do you hear God speaking to you? Or has your heart been hardened so you cannot hear him? Could it be that you have rebelled against him? Have you given your heart over to this world? Do you blame God for the bad that happens in this world? There are many in this world who blameContinue reading “Hear God Speak”

Jesus Clarifies

How readily do you listen to how someone interprets the rules? Do you listen when someone is explaining a new process? Do you listen attentively, attempting to gain a good understanding? Or do you only listen half-heartedly, not really caring to know? Our culture is full of rules, laws, processes, guidance, and directives. There areContinue reading “Jesus Clarifies”

Ah-ha Moment

Have you had all the pieces and failed to put the puzzle together? Did you have an ah-ha moment when someone explained it to you? Once it was explained, did those pieces make sense? Would you like to have the pieces put together to understand the life of Jesus? We gather pieces of information throughoutContinue reading “Ah-ha Moment”


Have you ever done something foolish? Have you looked back at a decision and thought, “I should have made a different decision. That was foolish.”? Do you now think through your choices more carefully because of having made a poor decision previously? We have all made poor decisions. We may have gotten ourselves in debtContinue reading “Foolishness”

The Spirit Descending

Do you want to please God? Have you made an effort to do so? Do you feel as though you constantly fall short? Have you considered what Jesus did to please the Father? Are you willing to follow in His footsteps? Pleasing God can seem to be elusive. We are being bombarded by Satan toContinue reading “The Spirit Descending”

Son of God

Do you sometimes question whether Jesus is really the Son of God? Are there questions that arise from time-to-time in your mind about His divinity? Do those questions come and go depending on your situation, mood, or discussions with others? If you have questions about Jesus, God, or Christianity in general, you are not alone.Continue reading “Son of God”

Difficult Travel

Do you travel much? Have you had to travel in less than perfect circumstances? Have you traveled while being sick, under duress, or more than eight months pregnant? If you traveled under those circumstances, how difficult was that trip? Many of us have traveled when not feeling well. We may have traveled with nothing moreContinue reading “Difficult Travel”

Wise Humility

Do you consider yourself a humble person? Do others consider you a humble person? Or are you a proud person? Do you harbor a selfish ambition? Do you boast about your accomplishments? Are you envious of what others have? I dare say most of us are not as humble as we might think we are.Continue reading “Wise Humility”