Acquire Eternal Life

What is eternal life? Is there eternal life? Do you believe there is eternal life? Do you long for eternal life? Do you know how to acquire eternal life with God? Do you know it is not nearly as difficult as you may believe? There are people in this world who do not believe inContinue reading “Acquire Eternal Life”

Untangling Opponents

How often do you face opponents? How do you approach an opponent? Do you look to annihilate them? Does it depend on what kind of opposition it is? Do you know there is instruction provided for handling opponents? As we go through life, especially as we make our following of Jesus known, we will faceContinue reading “Untangling Opponents”

Eternal Spring

Have you ever been hungry—I mean truly hungry, having not eaten for a couple days? I have you ever been thirsty—your mouth so dry you can’t even swallow? Have you ever thought your soul may be starving and thirsting? We all experience hunger to some degree. Otherwise, how would we know it was time toContinue reading “Eternal Spring”

Soar Like Eagles

Are you looking to soar, but feel worn out? Do you long to regain your strength, but feel as though it is lost forever? Would you like to increase your endurance, but think you are too old? Are you looking for someone or something to energize you? We all face times in our lives whenContinue reading “Soar Like Eagles”

Sincere Love

Do you ever wonder just how you are to act in any given situation? Have you wondered how others expect you to act or behave? Ever wonder how God expects you to behave, what attitude He wants you to have, how He wants you to interact with others? We change our behavior based on whoContinue reading “Sincere Love”

Faith And Prayer

Who, what, where do you put your faith? How deep and strong is your faith? Have you exercised your faith recently? Do you know how to exercise your faith? Is your faith in the right person? Is your faith in God? We all put our faith in someone or something. We have faith the sunContinue reading “Faith And Prayer”

Mighty Power

Are you in need of strength today? Are you facing a mountain of struggles? Do you feel as though your world is crumbling around you? Do you believe there are evil forces at work against you? Do you realize how true that feeling may be? Do you know how to survive it? As much asContinue reading “Mighty Power”


What is most important to you? What do you commit to regularly? Is there something that is a priority that takes precedence over everything else? Do you set aside time to talk with God every day? Don’t you think you should? We spend our time going to work, going to school, making meals, shopping, andContinue reading “Community”


How do you view other people? Do you view them with jealousy? Do you have a low self-esteem? Do you see others as different from you? Do you view yourself as unique? Are you looking to belong to a group? As we look at others, we only see the superficial outside or projected person. WeContinue reading “Belong”

For Freedom’s Sake

Do you feel as though you are trapped? Are your circumstances such that you feel confined or restricted? Are you looking for opportunities to escape? Do you long to be free of all the entanglements? There is a way. Almost all of us have been, currently are, or will be tangled in a mess andContinue reading “For Freedom’s Sake”