Do you meditate regularly? Do you meditate at all? What does meditation mean to you? Do you think of meditation as something foreign or something only monks do? Do you know that meditation can be just a few minutes? Do you know it can be a frame of mind? I once thought of meditation asContinue reading “Meditation”

Be In Fellowship

Do you like to gather with your good friends? Does having a meal together, whether fixed in your home or going to a restaurant with friends mean an enjoyable time? Does that friendship lift you up, make you feel good for some time afterward? How would you like to feel even better? Being with friends,Continue reading “Be In Fellowship”

Breaking Bread Together

Is it important to you to eat meals together? How many meals per week do you have with your family? Do you sit down together for your supper, even if you cannot the other meals? Do you participate in fellowship meals at the church you attend? Sitting down to eat meals together has become aContinue reading “Breaking Bread Together”

Spiritual Healing

Have you ever been sick—I mean really, really sick? Have you been so sick you could not get out of bed? Have you felt absolutely miserable, weak, and longing for healing? Where did you seek the healing you needed? Did you go to the doctor? Did you end up at the hospital? When we areContinue reading “Spiritual Healing”

Seek God’s Kingdom

What is your number one priority? What is it you are chasing after? What are you trying to achieve? Is it seeking a higher education? Is it seeking a new job? Is it seeking a companion? Is it seeking to help others? Is it seeking financial security? Is it seeking a solid retirement? We seekContinue reading “Seek God’s Kingdom”

Share the Light

What does your normal day look like? What is your normal routine? What are those once a week treats you allow yourself? Are there occasional breaks to your routine that make a day special? Have you thought about putting the light of Jesus into your routine? Most of us have routines we are comfortable with.Continue reading “Share the Light”


Have you ever done something foolish? Have you looked back at a decision and thought, “I should have made a different decision. That was foolish.”? Do you now think through your choices more carefully because of having made a poor decision previously? We have all made poor decisions. We may have gotten ourselves in debtContinue reading “Foolishness”

God Provides

Have you ever gone hungry? Have you not had clothes to wear? Have you lived on the streets, not having a home? Have you had to sleep on the floor due to not having a bed? If so, was it after you had committed your life to Jesus? Did you ask God to provide yourContinue reading “God Provides”

Anticipation Satisfied

Have you ever had to wait for something? Was the anticipation agonizing? Were you waiting for something you were promised? When the time finally came, were you overjoyed when it arrived? Will you be overjoyed when Christ returns? We have all waited for something. It may have been a Christmas present we had asked for.Continue reading “Anticipation Satisfied”

Keep the Covenant

As we enter the season of Advent, we begin our look toward the coming of our Lord and Savior. The Jews of more than two-thousand years ago were looking toward His coming. We look toward His return and an eternity spent with Him. We begin our journey with hope. We are encouraged by the hopeContinue reading “Keep the Covenant”