Astronomical Fulfillment

Have wondered why Jesus came to this earth? Why would God send his Son to walk the earth as a man? For what purpose would God’s Son teach, preach, perform miraculous signs, and be crucified? Are you ready for the answer? There are many skeptics in this world. They do not believe Jesus was theContinue reading “Astronomical Fulfillment”

See God At Work

Do you want to know what God is doing? Would you like to see what He is up to? Would you like to understand what He is doing and why? We all like to understand. It doesn’t matter if it is why our spouse does something or how to do our jobs. We like knowingContinue reading “See God At Work”

Our Place of Worship

Where do you worship God? Do you worship Him in your workplace? Do you worship Him in your classroom? Are you willing to worship Him in your home? Will you worship Him while running your errands? Have you stopped to think where Jesus worshiped? I venture to assume most of us think of worship asContinue reading “Our Place of Worship”