Stand Up For Your Faith

Are you fight or a flight person? Are you willing to fight for what you believe? Have you taken hold of your faith? Is your faith evident to anyone who encounters you? Are you willing to be ridiculed, ostracized, or even beaten for your faith? Will you die for it? Most of us do notContinue reading “Stand Up For Your Faith”

Empty Grave

Christ is risen! Christ is risen, indeed! Yes, Jesus Christ has risen from the dead. He left the grave empty, with the exception of the grave clothes. The linen wrappings and the face cloth were left behind. But Jesus was no longer there. Mary, Peter, and John were all amazed. Peter and John returned toContinue reading “Empty Grave”

Anticipation Satisfied

Have you ever had to wait for something? Was the anticipation agonizing? Were you waiting for something you were promised? When the time finally came, were you overjoyed when it arrived? Will you be overjoyed when Christ returns? We have all waited for something. It may have been a Christmas present we had asked for.Continue reading “Anticipation Satisfied”

Astronomical Fulfillment

Have wondered why Jesus came to this earth? Why would God send his Son to walk the earth as a man? For what purpose would God’s Son teach, preach, perform miraculous signs, and be crucified? Are you ready for the answer? There are many skeptics in this world. They do not believe Jesus was theContinue reading “Astronomical Fulfillment”

Be Like Andrew

Are you calloused? Do you have a sinical view of the world? Does anything surprise you? Does anything excite you? Is your excitement limited to momentary excitement, quickly dissipating once the event is over? We all get excited for one reason or another. We are surprised by something unexpected happening. Yet, as we grow older,Continue reading “Be Like Andrew”

Growing in Faith

Are you looking for rescue? Are you looking for salvation? Do you long for the comfort and encouragement of knowing your future is secure? Have you turned your heart over to God, putting your faith in Him? Security can only be partially found in this world, if we put our trust and confidence in worldlyContinue reading “Growing in Faith”

Reliable Witness

Are you a good witness? Do you observe what is going on around you? Can you relate it accurately? Do you only see what you want to see? Is your recounting of what happened skewed by your personal preferences? We see many, many things happen each and every day. We hear and participate in manyContinue reading “Reliable Witness”