Do You Believe?

Have you wrestled with knowing Jesus? Do you continue to learn something new about Him? Do you wonder about some of the stories you have heard about Him? Do you believe He is the Son of God? Do you believe He is who He says He is? Belief can be a challenging thing. We mayContinue reading “Do You Believe?”

Seeing the Christ

Have you seen Jesus? Have you seen Him as the Messiah–the Christ? Have you seen Him as the Son of God? Have you seen Him as your Lord? Have you seen Him as your Savior? Would you like to? Many of us have heard about Jesus for much of our lives. We know many ofContinue reading “Seeing the Christ”


What do you believe? Do you know that what you believe or believe in feeds your decision-making process? How do you decide what to believe? Are you willing to listen to, think through, and recognize truth? We believe more than we consciously think about. Some of our beliefs are so ingrained in us they becomeContinue reading “Believe”


Have you ever witnessed something outlandish? Have you witnessed an event that was amazing? Have you witnessed something that you wouldn’t believe if you hadn’t seen it with your own eyes? Have you tried to convince someone else that you actually saw it? We all have seen something during our lifetimes that stunned us. WeContinue reading “Eyewitness”

Growing in Faith

Are you looking for rescue? Are you looking for salvation? Do you long for the comfort and encouragement of knowing your future is secure? Have you turned your heart over to God, putting your faith in Him? Security can only be partially found in this world, if we put our trust and confidence in worldlyContinue reading “Growing in Faith”