Test the Spirits

Have you ever tested the spirits? Have you discerned whether they are from God or are evil? Do you make the effort to ensure you are being led by the correct Spirit? Do you know there are different kinds of spirits roaming this world? In some ways, our culture has glamorized spirits and deflected theContinue reading “Test the Spirits”

A New Thing

Do you like new things? What about new situations? Do you like going to new places seeing things you have not seen before? How would you like to know you have a guaranteed passage to see something far grander than anything in this world? Getting new things is nice. Seeing new places can be exhilarating.Continue reading “A New Thing”

In Jesus’ Name

Would you like to be confident that what you ask for will be granted? Do you long for being synchronized with the will of God? Does being in agreement with others sound good? Will you do what is required? Being in agreement can be a difficult task if we only follow our human desires. IfContinue reading “In Jesus’ Name”

See Jesus Glory

Have you ever wondered what being in glorious splendor will be like? Would you like to know? How would you like to be in glory with Jesus, speaking with Him? Do you know you will get that opportunity one day? Sharing in someone else’s glory can be wonderful. Here on this earth, that often meansContinue reading “See Jesus Glory”

God’s Calling

Have you ever felt as though you were in the right place at the right time? Has someone ever mentioned an opportunity to you, and it felt as though it would be perfect for you? Have you felt God calling you to do something? It is very likely each of us has felt as thoughContinue reading “God’s Calling”

Making God Smile

Many of us have seen people holding signs at sporting events with John 3:16 written on them. We may be able to quote that passage. But how many of us fully appreciate not just the words, but the meaning of that passage? We know intellectually Jesus gave himself up for us. We know God sentContinue reading “Making God Smile”

The Right Path

Do you know what path you are walking? Do you know what door you are looking to walk through? Are you going along with the crowd, following the path that leads to destruction? Or are you following the path that leads to eternal joy? Whether we like to admit it or not, we all followContinue reading “The Right Path”

Choose Better

How good are you at making decisions? Do you weigh the choices before you carefully? Do you consider the pros and cons of each option? Or do you simply make your choices based on feeling or on a whim? How has your decision-making worked out for you? We all use different processes to make decisions.Continue reading “Choose Better”

Destiny Versus Choice

Do you sometimes wonder if your life has been predicted? Do you wonder if you are simply living out your destiny? Have you thought through that line of questioning? Do think about what it would be like to have your life laid out as a roadmap for you? Many, if not most, of us willContinue reading “Destiny Versus Choice”