Change of Heart

What does it mean to repent? Do you know? Have you done so? Do you want to repent? Have you found it hard to repent? Are you afraid God is upset at you for needing to repent repeatedly? Repent is a word we don’t use often in our daily discussions. But just because we don’tContinue reading “Change of Heart”

The Perfect Role Model

Who is your role model? Why is that person your role model? Is it because of a special talent they have? Is it because of their political stance? Is it because of their moral make up? What do you think should be the deciding factor? People choose a role model for a variety of reasons.Continue reading “The Perfect Role Model”

Peace Offered

Are you tired of all the discontent, violence, hatred, and utter chaos you see in the world? Do wish people would learn to just get along? Would you truly, honestly like to do something about it? We see reports in our daily news of violence in schools, malls, and office buildings. News reports of discontent,Continue reading “Peace Offered”

Choose Healing

Do you have illnesses you would like healed? Do you suffer with ailments you would like to be relieved of? Are those physical illnesses or ailments? How is your emotional health? How is your spiritual health? We all face physical illnesses and ailments throughout life. It seems as we get older those ailments become moreContinue reading “Choose Healing”

Experience Freedom

What can you afford to lose? What, if you lost it, would you not be upset about? What is the cost of it? What if you lost everything you own? How would you feel? How would you react? Would you be devastated? Not many of us think about losing things. At least, not until somethingContinue reading “Experience Freedom”

World vs Soul

What are you willing to sacrifice to climb the ladder of success? Are you willing to put family members to the side for the possibility of a promotion? Are you willing to give up your soul? If we have been in the corporate world for several years, we have seen someone who has sacrificed aContinue reading “World vs Soul”

Bread of Life

Do you have cravings for certain foods? How often during the day do you get hungry? How much do you drink throughout the day? Have you ever stopped to consider how much or how little you eat and drink each day? We all eat and drink each day. We may even think it’s a bitContinue reading “Bread of Life”

Children of the Resurrection

Have you considered what happens beyond this life? Have you stopped to think about eternity? Do you wonder what it will be like? Do you wonder what you will be like? Have you taken a look at Jesus’ description? There are many in this world who fear death. They have no idea what happens next.Continue reading “Children of the Resurrection”

Choose Better

How good are you at making decisions? Do you weigh the choices before you carefully? Do you consider the pros and cons of each option? Or do you simply make your choices based on feeling or on a whim? How has your decision-making worked out for you? We all use different processes to make decisions.Continue reading “Choose Better”


How do you view other people? Do you view them with jealousy? Do you have a low self-esteem? Do you see others as different from you? Do you view yourself as unique? Are you looking to belong to a group? As we look at others, we only see the superficial outside or projected person. WeContinue reading “Belong”