God Provides

Do you know people in need? Have you ever encountered and orphan? How many widows do you know? Have you known someone who was left desolate? Do you know someone who has lost everything they own? Have you known someone who was wrongly imprisoned? I’m sure most of us either currently know of or hasContinue reading “God Provides”


What do you believe? What is the rock bottom truth you believe? Is there a foundational truth you believe? Do you go back to that foundation when you are troubled? Do you believe in God? Do you believe in Jesus? Do you know that that God has a place for you? We all hit troublesContinue reading “Foundational”

Profess Your Faith

Do you enjoy a comfortable life? Do you like having a nice home? Do you have a nice car to take you from place to place? Do you love getting coffee from a coffee house? Are you popular among your co-workers or fellow students? Have you considered being persecuted? We often live a pretty comfortableContinue reading “Profess Your Faith”

Crucified for Us

How does the crucifixion of Jesus affect you? Does it only remind you that you have been forgiven? Does it only remind you that salvation is available to you? Does it only remind you that there is hope? Or does it have a much deeper meaning to you? Jesus’ crucifixion should affect us deep inContinue reading “Crucified for Us”

The Known Future

Do you want to know the future? Do you wish you knew how your life would turn out? Do you simply want to know what’s ahead of you for the next week, month, or year? Would you like to know when your last day on this earth is? How do you think Jesus felt asContinue reading “The Known Future”

Do Not Be Troubled

Is your heart troubled? Are you yearning for peace? Do you long for relief and rest? Are you looking for someone or something to put your trust in? Do you need your confidence boosted? Have you put your faith in God and in Jesus Christ? Will you trust the One who will return? We mayContinue reading “Do Not Be Troubled”

Be Willing

What are you willing to give to others? Are you willing to give something expensive to help someone else? Would you give up a prize possession if someone was in need of it? Does the situation make a difference in your decision? What are you willing to give God? Giving to others may be easyContinue reading “Be Willing”

All About Heart

What are you looking for in this life? Are you looking for a guarantee of where you will spend eternity? Are you looking for a life filled with wonderment, good times, and luxury? Do you spend your time serving others? Do you think doing good works will earn your way to heaven? Many of usContinue reading “All About Heart”

Life in the Son

Have you experienced a rebirth? Have you been born of both water and spirit? Do you know a rebirth is needed to be in the body of Christ? Have you believed in Jesus’ testimony? Do you believe He is the Son of God? Do you believe He was risen on the third day? There areContinue reading “Life in the Son”

Transformed to be Like Jesus

What will you be when you grow up? Have you asked that question? Have you asked it multiple times? Have you asked it in jest? Did your plans for your life go as you planned? Are you the person today you thought you would be? Have you wondered what you will be for eternity? WhenContinue reading “Transformed to be Like Jesus”