Consider God

What is your perspective of who you are? Where do you stand in relation to the world? Have you thought about it all? Do you realize you are just one among billions? Is that a depressing thought? Is it a scary thought? Have you considered how awesome God is? We often think rather highly ofContinue reading “Consider God”

God’s Creativity

Have you ever thought about the number of species there are on this earth? If you had to guess, how many do you think there are? Have you thought that God created them all? What does that tell you about God? Does it indicate to you just how awesome he is? There are far moreContinue reading “God’s Creativity”

The Kingdom Among Us

Are you looking forward to heaven? Do you have a picture in your mind of what it may look like? What would you think if I told you the kingdom of God is here, right now? Would you think I’ve gone out of my mind? With all the chaos going on around us, we likelyContinue reading “The Kingdom Among Us”

New Starts

As we begin a new year, many of us will make resolutions. We will decide to make a new start. Our human inclination is to use certain times or dates as milestones. We make promises on specific dates for many different reasons. Some are kept, others are broken. A new year brings out many newContinue reading “New Starts”