Be Ready

Are you ready? Can you defend your faith? Can you explain why you have hope? Can you tell others why you act differently than everyone else? Will you explain to them in a gentle way? Is your conscience clear? We defend ourselves in many ways. Sometimes we defend our bad decisions or behavior. Other timesContinue reading “Be Ready”

Children by Faith

Are you proud to be a child of your parents? Do your parents make a significant difference in who you are? Do you have inherited traits from them? Are there certain behaviors you have because of them? Are there phrases you speak that you have learned from them? Many of us are like our parents.Continue reading “Children by Faith”

Words and Works

Is there an authority figure in your life? Was one of your parents a person who always seemed to be in control and someone you aspired to be like? Is there someone who has had a significant impact on your life? Do you continue to try to live up to the image of that person?Continue reading “Words and Works”

Profess Your Faith

Do you enjoy a comfortable life? Do you like having a nice home? Do you have a nice car to take you from place to place? Do you love getting coffee from a coffee house? Are you popular among your co-workers or fellow students? Have you considered being persecuted? We often live a pretty comfortableContinue reading “Profess Your Faith”

Empty Grave

Christ is risen! Christ is risen, indeed! Yes, Jesus Christ has risen from the dead. He left the grave empty, with the exception of the grave clothes. The linen wrappings and the face cloth were left behind. But Jesus was no longer there. Mary, Peter, and John were all amazed. Peter and John returned toContinue reading “Empty Grave”

The Known Future

Do you want to know the future? Do you wish you knew how your life would turn out? Do you simply want to know what’s ahead of you for the next week, month, or year? Would you like to know when your last day on this earth is? How do you think Jesus felt asContinue reading “The Known Future”

Blind Faith

Have you been in a situation in which you did not see what others saw? Were you unable to follow along with the logic of an instructor? Did you not see the animal shape in the cloud because of the angle you were looking? Did you feel left out because you did not see? WeContinue reading “Blind Faith”

Go as You are Called

Have you traveled to a different country? Have you been the one who stands out as the foreigner? Have you been the one who could not understand the language? Did you go because you wanted to go? Or did you go because you were told to go? Going to a different country can be aContinue reading “Go as You are Called”

Faith and Blessings

How long has God desired to bless you? How long have you declined to take him up on his offer? Do you desire to be blessed by God? Do you know how God blesses you? Do you know the blessings that await you? Will you put your faith in him and receive his blessing? ReceivingContinue reading “Faith and Blessings”

Blessed and Forgiven

What is your view of God? Do you think he has changed over time? Do you or have you had the opinion that God was an angry God in the Old Testament? Have you spent time studying the stories of the Jews? Have you taken time to understand what God was doing? If you haveContinue reading “Blessed and Forgiven”