Jesus’ Authority

What is your view of authority? Do you obey those in authority? Are you someone who rebels against authority? Are you in a position of authority? How might you need to change your attitude to submit to authority? Have you submitted to Jesus’ authority? Over the ages there have been a plethora of people whoContinue reading “Jesus’ Authority”

Put Things In Order

Do you have your acts together? Are your things in order? What does it mean to you to have your things in order? Does it mean to have your retirement plan in order? Does it mean a plan for your relationships, job, and children? Have you left someone out of your plan? Often, when weContinue reading “Put Things In Order”

Consider God

What is your perspective of who you are? Where do you stand in relation to the world? Have you thought about it all? Do you realize you are just one among billions? Is that a depressing thought? Is it a scary thought? Have you considered how awesome God is? We often think rather highly ofContinue reading “Consider God”

Wonder of God

Have you ever wondered how everything was created? Have you pondered how it might all have happened? Was the first one small dust particle? Did the inspiration for creating the entire universe come after God had created a single bit of dust? Or did he always have a grand plan? Please do not misinterpret myContinue reading “Wonder of God”

Holy Spirit Filled

Have you been filled? Do you know what it is like to be filled to the point of overflowing? Have there been times when you have eaten too much? Have you had that same feeling from the Holy Spirit? Most of us can relate to eating too much. This is especially true on holiday’s suchContinue reading “Holy Spirit Filled”

God’s Purpose

What are your talents? What are your skills? What are your abilities? Have you taken time to assess them? Have you determined how you will use them? Are you allowing some of your talents, skills, and abilities to go unused? Do you know each of them are gift? We all have talents, skills, and abilities,Continue reading “God’s Purpose”

God’s Plan Fulfilled

Do you like to plan for the future? How far do you plan ahead? Have you gone through the exercise some planners teach, meaning to plan the next five to ten years? What if you were told about things that would happen in twenty years? Do you believe it would be beneficial? We like toContinue reading “God’s Plan Fulfilled”

Overcome by the Spirit

Have you been overcome by a seemingly uncontrollable feeling? Have you felt pushed to do something good for someone you would not normally do? Did you chalk it up to a sudden urge? Or did you consider it could be something more powerful than you? Sometimes we act on impulses. Those impulses can drive someContinue reading “Overcome by the Spirit”

Diversity Given

Do you like variety? Do you like diversity? Or do you prefer the same things over and over? Do you like doing different things on different days? Or do you prefer doing the same thing every day? Have you thought about where your desire for something different comes from? All of us like to eatContinue reading “Diversity Given”


Do you meditate regularly? Do you meditate at all? What does meditation mean to you? Do you think of meditation as something foreign or something only monks do? Do you know that meditation can be just a few minutes? Do you know it can be a frame of mind? I once thought of meditation asContinue reading “Meditation”