Heart and Soul

Do you know how to worship God? Have you heard the type of worship God desires? Do you know what it means to worship God in Spirit and in truth? Is your worship haphazard? Do you worship in fits and spurts? Is God on your mind every day? Many of us have been told weContinue reading “Heart and Soul”

To Meet Or Not To Meet

Do you like meetings? What if those meetings become long? How long do you daily, weekly, and monthly meetings last? How upset do you get if they last longer than scheduled? What percentage of your meetings are productive? Having spent many years in the corporate world, I know meetings can be a drudgery. A goodContinue reading “To Meet Or Not To Meet”

Seen Vs Unseen

Where do you put your trust? Do you only trust what you can see? Are you frustrated when you experience trouble? Do you have a short-term focus? Or, do you focus more on the long-term? Does your vision go beyond the here and now into eternity? Most of us are focused on what is rightContinue reading “Seen Vs Unseen”