Riches of Heaven

Do you long to be rich? Are you playing the lottery every week with the hope of winning? Are you saving every dollar you can? Do you invest your money wisely? Would you trade all your riches here on earth for the riches of heaven? Our culture is obsessed with money and public image. WeContinue reading “Riches of Heaven”

Image of Christ

Do you ever spend time thinking about what eternity will be like? Do you wonder what you will look like in eternity? Have you imagined being in the same body? Have you imagined it being in a different body? Some people think their current body will be resurrected but will be made perfect. Others believeContinue reading “Image of Christ”

Focus Determines Fate

Our focus determines our fate. As I mentioned in a previous blog entry, there is an old saying, “You are what you think.” What are you focusing on? What are your goals? Do you have goals? Is there someone or something that drives your thoughts? Whether we realize it or not, there is something orContinue reading “Focus Determines Fate”

Wonderful Transformation

How will you be transformed? How will you change? Do you ever think about that? Do you realize when you die you will change? Do you know your earthly body will become a heavenly body? All who believe in Jesus will be changed. We will give up our corruptible earthly body and put on aContinue reading “Wonderful Transformation”

The Ultimate Goal

Is there a goal you have been chasing for quite some time? Have you grown weary of pursuing it? Are you ready to give up on it? Are you sure you are pursuing the correct goal? Would you like to have the energy you need to pursue the correct goal for you? We set manyContinue reading “The Ultimate Goal”

Look Up

Do you ever look up at the stars at night? Are you amazed at how many there are? Do you wonder how so many were created? Do you know there are more stars being born, even today? There are more stars than we can count. And, yes, there are new stars being born. According toContinue reading “Look Up”

Seen Vs Unseen

Where do you put your trust? Do you only trust what you can see? Are you frustrated when you experience trouble? Do you have a short-term focus? Or, do you focus more on the long-term? Does your vision go beyond the here and now into eternity? Most of us are focused on what is rightContinue reading “Seen Vs Unseen”