Riches of Heaven

Do you long to be rich? Are you playing the lottery every week with the hope of winning? Are you saving every dollar you can? Do you invest your money wisely? Would you trade all your riches here on earth for the riches of heaven? Our culture is obsessed with money and public image. WeContinue reading “Riches of Heaven”

Return To God

Have you strayed from God? Do you feel as though you are wondering aimlessly? Are you considering returning to Him? Are you wondering if He has forgotten you? Do you want to cry out to ask Him? There are some of us who have strayed from God, perhaps for several years, and we have returned.Continue reading “Return To God”

Always Loved

Do you sometimes feel as though you can do nothing right? Do you feel like the world is against you? Are there times when you feel defeated? Do you get down in the dumps and ready to quit? Do you not know that God loves you? We can feel as though nothing in this worldContinue reading “Always Loved”

God’s Temple

Do you take care of your physical body? Do you get regular checkups? Are you willing to follow instructions from your doctor? Will you adhere to the instructions of a physical therapist? Do you know you are God’s temple? We are aware of so many maladies and sicknesses today, it seems there is no wayContinue reading “God’s Temple”