Riches of Heaven

Do you long to be rich? Are you playing the lottery every week with the hope of winning? Are you saving every dollar you can? Do you invest your money wisely? Would you trade all your riches here on earth for the riches of heaven? Our culture is obsessed with money and public image. WeContinue reading “Riches of Heaven”

Desire Mercy

Have you wondered what God desires of you? Do you wonder what it is he wants you to do? Do you want to know how he wants you to behave or act? Have you spent time looking at Jesus’ very own words? I have often heard people asking what God wants them to do. IContinue reading “Desire Mercy”

Good Day or Bad Day

What is your attitude toward work? Do you put forth your best effort? Or do you only put forth the minimum effort to get by? Who are you working for? Are you working for your boss? Yourself? Or are you working for God? We all have good days and bad days. To some degree, whetherContinue reading “Good Day or Bad Day”


Do you like tradition? How many traditions do you keep? How many of them are traditions passed on from generation to generation? Do you know why those traditions started? Are you curious about the reasons for the tradition? We follow all kinds of traditions. Some are patriotic. Some are sports related. Some are family. Some areContinue reading “Traditions”