Do As God Commands

Have you been consecrated to the Lord? Have you been dedicated to the Lord? Have you been baptized in the Lord? Do you know where the consecration of the firstborn originated? Do you know why God commanded it to be done? We do not think much about consecration in today’s culture, especially to God. YetContinue reading “Do As God Commands”

Big Things, Little Things

Do you worry about the little things? Do you meticulously pick apart the smallest things done by someone else? Are you ignoring the bigger things? Have you forgotten to pursue the heart of God? Do you know what God wants from you? There are times when we get all worked up over the tiniest ofContinue reading “Big Things, Little Things”

Be Holy

Are you holy? What does it mean to be holy? Does the image of a perfect person come to mind? Do you think of an older person in your church? Do you think of perfection? Do you believe that only God can be holy? Being holy does require commitment on our part. We must commitContinue reading “Be Holy”

Tithing and Loving

Are you only doing part of what God desires from you? Are you tithing as God has stated we should do? Is your love for him a deep, true love? Or is your love superficial and more talk than action? How much of your life are you giving to God? We all set priorities. ForContinue reading “Tithing and Loving”

Learn Before You Teach

What does it mean to be a teacher? How can someone be a teacher unless they first learn? Have you ever attempted to teach something you did not know well? Have you had a teacher who seemed to be lost or unsure? Teaching is challenging. A good teacher does research into the subject they willContinue reading “Learn Before You Teach”

Secrets Revealed

What do you have hidden that you do not want exposed? What inner thoughts do you not want others to hear? What have you done in the past you don’t want people to know about? Do you know all secrets will be revealed? We all have skeletons in our closets. There are things we didContinue reading “Secrets Revealed”

Living Within

Have you ever had two bosses at the same time? If so, how did it work out when they gave you conflicting instruction? Did you feel as though you were caught in the middle? Were you frustrated and wondering which one to obey? Having two bosses can be very frustrating. Especially if they are continuallyContinue reading “Living Within”

Philosophy On Life

How do you view the world? What is your philosophy on life? Do you know your philosophy, or do you simply follow the current trend? Is your philosophy one that has been built over years? Have you ever taken time to identify it and how you came by it? Whether we realize it or not,Continue reading “Philosophy On Life”

Intimate Knowledge

How well do you know your best friend? How well to you know your spouse, children, or parents? How well do you think they know you? Do you want to know them well? Do you want them to know you well? We know some people in our lives very well…or, at least we think weContinue reading “Intimate Knowledge”

Stay In God’s Love

Are you looking for something to hold on to? Does it seem as though your world is out of control? Do you need an anchor to steady your life? Are you willing to step out in faith? Are you willing to spend time in prayer? There are times when our lives seem to be inContinue reading “Stay In God’s Love”