Rejoice Always

Do you rejoice in your knowing that Jesus has risen from the dead? What does rejoicing mean to you? Is rejoicing only the feeling of happiness? Does rejoicing include making a choice? Would you believe it means both? We often think of rejoicing as experiencing happiness or gladness. When something occurs that makes us happy,Continue reading “Rejoice Always”

Rejoice with Abraham

What causes you to rejoice? Is it a promotion in your job? Is finding someone special to be your companion for life? Is it watching your child accomplish something they have been working hard for? What causes you to rejoice? Do you rejoice in Jesus Christ? Many things in this world can provide us withContinue reading “Rejoice with Abraham”

Fruit of the Light

What does producing fruit mean to you? Do you think of an apple tree? Do you think of an orange tree? Do you think of a grape vine? Do you think of your vegetable garden? Have you given thought to the fruit you produce? Have you thought about the kind of fruit you produce? ProducingContinue reading “Fruit of the Light”

Excited To See Jesus

Are you an excitable person? Do you get excited to see a loved one you haven’t seen in quite a long while? Do you rush to get to them? Do you wrap your arms around them, give them a hug, and let them know you have missed them? When I think of someone being excitedContinue reading “Excited To See Jesus”

Eternal Joy

Are you happy today? Is happiness a key contributor to your attitude? Do you experience joy in your life? Do you think of joy and happiness as being the same? What is the source of your joy? Have you spent time thinking about it? Most people in this world desire to experience happiness in theirContinue reading “Eternal Joy”