Eternal Joy

Are you happy today? Is happiness a key contributor to your attitude? Do you experience joy in your life? Do you think of joy and happiness as being the same? What is the source of your joy? Have you spent time thinking about it? Most people in this world desire to experience happiness in theirContinue reading “Eternal Joy”


What has been the happiest moment of your life? When have you been so happy that you cried? Have you been happy to the point of falling on your knees? Can you imagine the pure happiness of Mary Magdalene when she saw Jesus alive on the third day? We all have experienced days of happiness.Continue reading “Overjoyed”

Learn To Praise

Have you ever stopped to reflect on what causes you to be happy? Think about what causes you to jump for joy. Are there several reasons that come to mind? What are they? Do they include blessings from God? We often look for ways to make ourselves happy. We long for something or someone. OurContinue reading “Learn To Praise”