Mary’s Joy

As we approach Christmas day while focusing on the four weeks of advent, we review one specific word to focus on each week. This week is joy. As we look at Mary, we see the perfect attitude to achieve the joy we desire. As Mary listened to the proclamation of Gabriel, she submitted to God’sContinue reading “Mary’s Joy”

The Earth Rejoices

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if all people worshiped God? What would it mean if the earth rejoiced in God’s glory? What if all creation were to rejoice in God? Wouldn’t it be an amazing world to live in? Many of us have sung hymns or songs that state the earthContinue reading “The Earth Rejoices”

Praise the Lord

Does praising God come naturally to you? If it does not, have you opened your eyes to see all He has done for you? Only when we recognize all we have comes from God, even the very air we breathe, will we praise Him at all times. Do you tell others how God has blessedContinue reading “Praise the Lord”

Learn To Praise

Have you ever stopped to reflect on what causes you to be happy? Think about what causes you to jump for joy. Are there several reasons that come to mind? What are they? Do they include blessings from God? We often look for ways to make ourselves happy. We long for something or someone. OurContinue reading “Learn To Praise”