In A Foreign Land

Have you ever lived in a foreign country? Have you traveled to a foreign country? Have you felt as though you stood out? Have you experienced people pointing at you, or heard them whispering about you? Have you considered that you live in a foreign land now? Many of us have traveled to other countries.Continue reading “In A Foreign Land”

Wise Humility

Do you consider yourself a humble person? Do others consider you a humble person? Or are you a proud person? Do you harbor a selfish ambition? Do you boast about your accomplishments? Are you envious of what others have? I dare say most of us are not as humble as we might think we are.Continue reading “Wise Humility”

Mary’s Joy

As we approach Christmas day while focusing on the four weeks of advent, we review one specific word to focus on each week. This week is joy. As we look at Mary, we see the perfect attitude to achieve the joy we desire. As Mary listened to the proclamation of Gabriel, she submitted to God’sContinue reading “Mary’s Joy”