All About Heart

What are you looking for in this life? Are you looking for a guarantee of where you will spend eternity? Are you looking for a life filled with wonderment, good times, and luxury? Do you spend your time serving others? Do you think doing good works will earn your way to heaven? Many of usContinue reading “All About Heart”

Listen to Jesus

How well do you listen? Do you listen to those in authority? Do you listen to those with more experience? Do you listen to those who have higher educations? Or do you believe you know better than anyone else? Do you know that line of thinking can get you into a deep mess? There areContinue reading “Listen to Jesus”

Jesus Clarifies

How readily do you listen to how someone interprets the rules? Do you listen when someone is explaining a new process? Do you listen attentively, attempting to gain a good understanding? Or do you only listen half-heartedly, not really caring to know? Our culture is full of rules, laws, processes, guidance, and directives. There areContinue reading “Jesus Clarifies”

In A Foreign Land

Have you ever lived in a foreign country? Have you traveled to a foreign country? Have you felt as though you stood out? Have you experienced people pointing at you, or heard them whispering about you? Have you considered that you live in a foreign land now? Many of us have traveled to other countries.Continue reading “In A Foreign Land”

Challenging Choice

What do you believe? Really, what do you believe deep down in the core of your being? What guides you in your everyday actions and behaviors, your interactions with others? Is it the cultural norms or the Word of God? Do you believe what Jesus says or the news you hear? Those are tough questionsContinue reading “Challenging Choice”

Convicted in Jesus

What are your beliefs? Do you believe in right and wrong? Do you believe there is a proper way to go about living your life? Or do you go with the flow, following whatever the popular trend of the moment is? Do you believe in the Son of God and follow Him and His teachings?Continue reading “Convicted in Jesus”

Choose Light

Do you walk through a dark room, or do you turn a light on? Do you find it better to hike a trail during the day or night? Is it better to be able to see where you are going or having to feel your way around and stumbling? Have you applied this paradigm toContinue reading “Choose Light”

The Spirit Descending

Do you want to please God? Have you made an effort to do so? Do you feel as though you constantly fall short? Have you considered what Jesus did to please the Father? Are you willing to follow in His footsteps? Pleasing God can seem to be elusive. We are being bombarded by Satan toContinue reading “The Spirit Descending”

True Life

Are you alive? Are you truly alive? Do you know what it means to be truly alive? Or are you living a lifeless life? Does living a life of purpose and true-life sound appealing to you? Do you know it is available to you if you will accept it? Many people, far too many, liveContinue reading “True Life”

Wise Humility

Do you consider yourself a humble person? Do others consider you a humble person? Or are you a proud person? Do you harbor a selfish ambition? Do you boast about your accomplishments? Are you envious of what others have? I dare say most of us are not as humble as we might think we are.Continue reading “Wise Humility”