Pray In Secret

How often do you pray? Where do you pray? Do you pray publicly? Is your praying always done in private? Does it make a difference how or when you pray? Have you wrestled with these questions? Do you know Jesus tells how we should pray? I know many people who feel awkward praying, especially ifContinue reading “Pray In Secret”

God as a Newborn

Do you like to hold newborn babies? Are you afraid you will hurt them? Do you think they are fragile? Are you over caring, overreacting to every sneeze, cough, or cry? How would you feel if you had been Mary holding the newborn baby Jesus? We all react differently with newborns. Some of us can’tContinue reading “God as a Newborn”

Singing Thanksgiving

Do you give thanks to God regularly? Do you sing praises from the heart? Do you hum those songs of thanks, giving thanks to God for your blessings? Do you thank God for each blessing? Have you taken time to count them? Is the list overwhelming? God desires each of us give thanks for theContinue reading “Singing Thanksgiving”

Christ is Risen!

Christ is risen! He is risen indeed! Yes, Jesus rose on that long ago Easter morning. He conquered death. He rose to visit with the women and His disciples before He ascended to heaven. All were astonished, even though He had told them this would happen. God works in amazing ways. He sends angels toContinue reading “Christ is Risen!”

Thank God for Today

Thank God for today! Do you do that everyday? I know I don’t always. Should we? Yes! Each day is a blessing from God. Each day is an opportunity to be a positive example for others. Each day gives us different situations to learn from. So, why don’t we give thanks for each day? Well,Continue reading “Thank God for Today”

Saved by Grace

What is it you crave? What are you seeking with all you’ve got? Is it the craving of worldly possessions? Is it the desires and thoughts of today’s culture? Do you seek to be one of the “in crowd?” Do you know there is something far better available to you? We all have cravings, desires,Continue reading “Saved by Grace”

Be Prepared

Do you live by the motto “be prepared?” Are you continually looking ahead, thinking about what you can do today to be ready for tomorrow? Next week? Next Month? Next Year? Are you prepared for the schemes of Satan? We prepare ourselves for school. We prepare ourselves for jobs. We prepare ourselves for many thingsContinue reading “Be Prepared”

Peace and Conformity

Are you looking for peace? Do you want to belong? Would you like to be part of an organization or group of people who appreciate you and welcome you in? How welcoming are you? Are you open to changing your outlook? We all want to feel as though we belong. We seek approval. We wantContinue reading “Peace and Conformity”

Being Thankful

How often do you give thanks to God? Are you a thankful person by nature? Or do you have to consciously think about giving thanks? Are you working on being a more thankful person? Do you know God is pleased when we give Him thanks? Some of us say “Thank you” out of habit. SomeContinue reading “Being Thankful”

Praise the Lord

Does praising God come naturally to you? If it does not, have you opened your eyes to see all He has done for you? Only when we recognize all we have comes from God, even the very air we breathe, will we praise Him at all times. Do you tell others how God has blessedContinue reading “Praise the Lord”