Balance In Faith

Are you a person who likes to be busy working or doing something? Or are you someone who prefers to let someone else do the work? Have you truthfully looked in the mirror to determine which camp you fall into? It is rare that we find someone who never sits down or someone who absolutelyContinue reading “Balance In Faith”

Battle Effectively

Are you in the middle of a battle? Does it seem as though you are in a constant battle over one thing or another? Are all those battles really worth fighting over? Or are you fighting the wrong battle? There is some battles worth fighting. We fight many battles throughout our lifetimes. Some are pettyContinue reading “Battle Effectively”

Learning To Do Without

Have you ever gone without something you dearly wanted? How do you view having to do without it?  Have you ever gone without something you needed? How well did you survive that experience? Do you practice doing without wants and needs? Doing without is something most of us know very little about. We don’t often goContinue reading “Learning To Do Without”

Quiet and Rest

Do you take things for granted? Do you assume they will always be the way they are? Do you assume things will get better as you get older? Are you of the mind that nothing bad will ever happen to you? How is your relationship with God? We often don’t realize what we have untilContinue reading “Quiet and Rest”

Quiet Time

Do you spend time alone? Do you take time to think through your situation? Are you one who doesn’t like to be alone, preferring to always be with someone else, always socializing? Will you take time to be alone with God? Our hustle and bustle society has us all on the move. Even during aContinue reading “Quiet Time”


Do you ever step back and evaluate your experiences? Have you looked back over your life and see how it has changed over the years? Do you take in the changes and learn lessons from past decisions? Have you looked back to see how God has moved in your life? I venture to say thatContinue reading “Reflections”