Prayer and Fasting

How often do you pray? Do you pray at a specific time each day? How much time do you spend praying? How do you feel about fasting? Have you ever fasted for a specific purpose? Have you combined prayer and fasting? Many of us know about prayer. We likely pray, minimally, when we are inContinue reading “Prayer and Fasting”

Learning To Do Without

Have you ever gone without something you dearly wanted? How do you view having to do without it?  Have you ever gone without something you needed? How well did you survive that experience? Do you practice doing without wants and needs? Doing without is something most of us know very little about. We don’t often goContinue reading “Learning To Do Without”

Grow Closer To God

Do you ever fast, other than prior to a medical procedure? Do you fast for spiritual reasons? Do you think that fasting only includes food? Are you willing to fast to become closer with God? Are you willing to fast to make your life better? As we go through life, we sometimes must have variousContinue reading “Grow Closer To God”