Excited To See Jesus

Are you an excitable person? Do you get excited to see a loved one you haven’t seen in quite a long while? Do you rush to get to them? Do you wrap your arms around them, give them a hug, and let them know you have missed them? When I think of someone being excitedContinue reading “Excited To See Jesus”

Promised Resurrection

Do you ever wonder if the resurrection is real? Have you thought how it is contrary to our human understanding of life and death? Does your questioning the resurrection affect your faith in Jesus Christ? Would you like to be confident in the resurrection? Bodily resurrection seems odd to us. It doesn’t appear to beContinue reading “Promised Resurrection”

Communing with Jesus

What does partaking of communion mean to you? What thoughts run through your head? Do you imagine being in the upper room with Jesus and His disciples on the evening of His betrayal? Do you think about what the emblems represent? Many thoughts can run through our heads. There are several points we can focusContinue reading “Communing with Jesus”

Close Encounter

Do you ever falter in your faith? Do you sometimes wonder if the story of Jesus is true? Have you thought it sounds incredulous the Son of God would come to this earth in the form of a human being? It can be difficult to believe the Son of God came to this earth, especiallyContinue reading “Close Encounter”


What does life mean to you? Is it a mere existence? Is life the pursuit of happiness? Is it loving someone, marrying them, and spending your life together? Is life climbing the corporate ladder? Is it living abundantly in love, joy, and peace? We all share some common elements in our definition of life, andContinue reading “Life-Giver”

First Fruit

Have you spent much time thinking about the resurrection? Have you ever questioned if the resurrection is real? What do you think it will be like to be raised from the dead? Are you looking forward to it? Think about the resurrection for just a moment. Someone dies. They come back to life! By ourContinue reading “First Fruit”

Open Your Mind

What do you know about God? Do you know who He is? Do you think He cares for the living? Do you think He cares for the dead? Do you know what Jesus says about who God is? Do you want to know? Many people have their own idea of who God is. Often, HeContinue reading “Open Your Mind”

Living Forever

What do you believe about the resurrection? Do you believe you will be raised after dying? Do you believe it means the body you currently have will be raised? Do you believe you will never die? Do you take Jesus at His word? There are a variety of beliefs about the resurrection. Some believe thereContinue reading “Living Forever”

Forty Days

What is your understanding of Jesus’ resurrection? Do you understand it as Him being raised from the dead in bodily form? Do you know He appeared to a few of His disciples on the first day?  Do you know He appeared to people for more than a month? We often talk of Jesus being raised fromContinue reading “Forty Days”

Eternal Truth

Do you believe in the resurrection? Do you believe in eternal life? Or do you believe this life is all there is? How does your belief affect how you go about life? How does it affect the daily decisions you make? We all believe in one or the other. We either believe there is eternalContinue reading “Eternal Truth”