You Cannot Know

Do you want to know the future? Do you wish you could control the future? Are you trying to control it? Do you listen to predictions others are making? Do you make your own predictions? What are you basing them on? How often are you correct? It is in our nature to want to knowContinue reading “You Cannot Know”

Healing from God

Do you long for healing? Are you looking for physical healing? Would you like to experience emotional healing? Are you in need of spiritual healing? Would a miracle be welcome? Have you asked for healing and believe it will happen? We all need healing. We may need physical healing, emotional healing, or spiritual healing. SometimesContinue reading “Healing from God”

Miracles Witnessed

Have you ever witnessed a miracle? If so, what kind of miracle was it? If not, do you want to see a miracle? How do you define miracles? Are they supernatural? Do you believe all miracles come from God? Have you heard someone say they can grant a miracle? Miracles amaze us. We cannot explainContinue reading “Miracles Witnessed”

Believe in Miracles

Do you believe in miracles? Some do, some don’t. Some say providence, others say coincidence. Truth is, I don’t believe any of us are 100% on side or the other. I lean much more toward the former than the latter. I would say I’m about 80% / 20% toward miracles and providence. Have you everContinue reading “Believe in Miracles”

Miraculous Release

Have you ever felt doomed? Have you felt as though you were about to be sentenced to a punishment you didn’t deserve? Are you in a situation like that now? Are you asking God to step in and pull you through it? There are times when we may be persecuted for our faith. That mayContinue reading “Miraculous Release”