Use Your Gifts Wisely

For the past few weeks, we have discussed spiritual gifts. We have covered gifts from apostle to servant, prophet to speaking in tongues, helping to miracles, and many more. Each of us has at least one gift. What are we to do with our gifts? The Holy Spirit distributes these gifts to us as heContinue reading “Use Your Gifts Wisely”

Healing from God

Do you long for healing? Are you looking for physical healing? Would you like to experience emotional healing? Are you in need of spiritual healing? Would a miracle be welcome? Have you asked for healing and believe it will happen? We all need healing. We may need physical healing, emotional healing, or spiritual healing. SometimesContinue reading “Healing from God”

Gifts of Grace

Have you asked God for gifts? Have you asked God to bless you? Have you inventoried the blessings and gifts He has given you? Do you know God gifts you with talents? We may call them spiritual gifts. We may call them natural talents. We may even state that someone has been taught or grownContinue reading “Gifts of Grace”

Stumbling Block

Are you a stumbling block to others? Do you create situations, knowingly or unknowingly, that cause issues or problems or failures for others? Do you judge others harshly when they cause you to stumble? Have you looked at yourself before passing judgment? There are times when we might be a stumbling block to others unknowingly.Continue reading “Stumbling Block”

Build Up

What is your purpose? For what reason were you put here on earth? Why has God blessed you with spiritual gifts? Are you more curious if your life will be a success by human standards than if you will fulfill God’s purpose for you? We all have a purpose in life. God has given usContinue reading “Build Up”

Common Good

Do you have the gift of learning things quickly? Do you have the gift of applying them to your daily life or a specific situation? Are you putting your gifts to good use? Are you using your gifts to serve God? We are all blessed with gifts. Gifts of knowledge and learning are wonderful gifts.Continue reading “Common Good”

God’s Plan for Your Future

What are your plans for your life? Do you have it all mapped out for the next five, ten, twenty, or fifty years? Does your plan include professional goals with regular promotions? Is God included in your plan? Have you sought God’s plan for your life? We make plans. We make plans for vacations monthsContinue reading “God’s Plan for Your Future”

Promised Grace

How strongly do you hold on to promises? Does it make a difference who is making the promise? Do you wish all promises were guaranteed to come true? Do you long for a promise that lasts a lifetime? We all make promises. Sometimes, we cannot fulfill our promise. Unexpected things happen and the promise mustContinue reading “Promised Grace”

One Body

Do you know where you belong today? Where are you accepted? Where do you fit in? What is your position in life? Do you want to know where you belong, where you fit in, what your position is? Do you know you can find it? In our culture today, it seems as though everyone wantsContinue reading “One Body”

Spiritual Gifts

What are your gifts? Have you spent time to evaluate them? Do you know how to use your gifts? If not, are you willing to learn? Are you using them to further the kingdom of God? We are all given gifts by God. More specifically, Jesus gives each of us one or more gifts. SomeContinue reading “Spiritual Gifts”