Diversity Given

Do you like variety? Do you like diversity? Or do you prefer the same things over and over? Do you like doing different things on different days? Or do you prefer doing the same thing every day? Have you thought about where your desire for something different comes from? All of us like to eatContinue reading “Diversity Given”

Living Stone

What does it mean to you to live? Is living having a good job? Does it include having a spouse you love dearly? Does living mean doing exciting and joyful things? Is it having enough money to take vacations to foreign lands? Have you thought it is being part of God’s church? We hear someContinue reading “Living Stone”

Waiting in Grief

Do you like waiting? What if you are waiting in grief? What if all your hopes had just been dashed? What if you feel as though your dreams were just crushed? Do you look for something to put your hope in? Is the waiting excruciating in one of these situations? Our culture has conditioned usContinue reading “Waiting in Grief”

Salt and Light

What is your purpose in life? How often have you asked yourself that question? Who are you? Have you asked yourself that question? Do you know who Jesus says you are? Would you like to know? It is not uncommon for people to wonder what their purpose in life is. They may even start outContinue reading “Salt and Light”