Fruit of the Light

What does producing fruit mean to you? Do you think of an apple tree? Do you think of an orange tree? Do you think of a grape vine? Do you think of your vegetable garden? Have you given thought to the fruit you produce? Have you thought about the kind of fruit you produce? ProducingContinue reading “Fruit of the Light”

Jars of Clay

Have you ever thought of yourself as a clay jar or pot? Have you ever had a clay pot? Did it get broken? Did you attempt to repair it? Did you make it whole again? I venture to say that none of us typically think of ourselves as clay jars. Be real! A clay jarContinue reading “Jars of Clay”

Righteousness, Peace, and Joy

What are your squabbles over? What is it others do that offends you? What is it you do that offends others? Are those things really important? Why is it we allow the smallest things to set us off on a tirade or at least irritate us? There are some things others do that can irritateContinue reading “Righteousness, Peace, and Joy”