The Advocate

How well do you execute requirements? Are you eager to follow them? Or do you prefer to buck the system, to do your own thing? Would you like to have help in adhering to the rules? Are you seeking to know the truth? Do you know help is available? There are laws, rules, and requirementsContinue reading “The Advocate”

Be In Fellowship

Do you like to gather with your good friends? Does having a meal together, whether fixed in your home or going to a restaurant with friends mean an enjoyable time? Does that friendship lift you up, make you feel good for some time afterward? How would you like to feel even better? Being with friends,Continue reading “Be In Fellowship”

Do Not Be Led Astray

What have you heard about Jesus? What teachings about Him are you listening to? Are you verifying the teachings are true? Have you heard someone teaching something other than the gospel message? Are you reading the Bible? Do you know the good news of Jesus? There are many teachers of the Bible among us. ThereContinue reading “Do Not Be Led Astray”

Compiling Data Into Knowledge

What is the most important bit of knowledge you have learned? Is it discovering a scientific fact no one else knew? Is it something you learned about another person? Does it change as you live and learn more? Have you considered you may know the most important fact there is to know? We learn somethingContinue reading “Compiling Data Into Knowledge”

Tell Someone About Jesus

Do you have an answer when asked about being saved? Do you know what to tell someone who asks? Will you be able to tell them what they need to do? Would you like to know what to say? Have you considered following the example the Apostle Paul gave us? We may be put inContinue reading “Tell Someone About Jesus”


Have you been mistaken for someone else? Have you seen someone that looks familiar, but you cannot place them? Have you been told a certain person was coming and you missed them? Have you thought about how common it is to miss someone important? I’m sure we all have seen someone somewhere who looked familiar.Continue reading “Unrecognized”

Exciting News

Do you like to spread good news? Does it excite you to tell someone when good things happen? Is there something you are looking forward to? Is your excitement bubbling out of you? Is it difficult for you to contain yourself? There are times in our lives when we get so excited about something thatContinue reading “Exciting News”

Soft Heart Required

What are your thoughts on forgiveness? Do you seek forgiveness? Do you ask God to forgive you regularly? Do you ask others to forgive you when you have offended them? Are you willing to forgive others when they offend you? We talk about forgiveness quite often. Perhaps it is because we need a constant reminder.Continue reading “Soft Heart Required”

Desire Mercy

Have you wondered what God desires of you? Do you wonder what it is he wants you to do? Do you want to know how he wants you to behave or act? Have you spent time looking at Jesus’ very own words? I have often heard people asking what God wants them to do. IContinue reading “Desire Mercy”

Condemning Ourselves

Are you an actor? Do you expect people to act a certain way, but not yourself?  Do you get upset at someone doing something, but do the very same thing yourself? Do you know the proper term for that is hypocrite, someone who acts one way in one setting, but differently in another? We are inundatedContinue reading “Condemning Ourselves”