One Body

Do you wonder where you belong? Are you looking for a place that feels right? Would you like to know you have a specific place to be and a specific task to do? Do you know there is such a place, and you have a specific task? We all long to be where we feelContinue reading “One Body”

One Body

Do you know where you belong today? Where are you accepted? Where do you fit in? What is your position in life? Do you want to know where you belong, where you fit in, what your position is? Do you know you can find it? In our culture today, it seems as though everyone wantsContinue reading “One Body”

Friendly Reminder

Do you need to be reminded of deadlines? Do you need to put appointments on the calendar of your smart phone and set alerts? Do you sometimes forget about upcoming events and double-book yourself? Do you need to be reminded you belong to Christ? I use the calendar on my smart phone for everything, includingContinue reading “Friendly Reminder”

Well-Functioning Body

Do you long to be part of something good? Do you want to do good for others? Are you searching for a place where you belong? Have you had bad experiences with organizations or family? Do you know there is a place for you to be? It is our human nature to desire belonging toContinue reading “Well-Functioning Body”

Peace and Conformity

Are you looking for peace? Do you want to belong? Would you like to be part of an organization or group of people who appreciate you and welcome you in? How welcoming are you? Are you open to changing your outlook? We all want to feel as though we belong. We seek approval. We wantContinue reading “Peace and Conformity”

Team Play

Have you ever played team sports? Is it something you like to do? Does it feel good to be on a team working together toward a common goal? Have you ever wondered why many organizations develop a team-like environment? I believe the majority of us like to be part of a team. Most of ourContinue reading “Team Play”

Teamwork Defeats Talent

Have you ever played on a team? What is one of the key components to a teams’ success? How does the team need to present itself to its opponent? What is it that can doom a team to failure? What does being on a team and being a follower of Christ have in common? MostContinue reading “Teamwork Defeats Talent”

A Simple Work

If you were asked, how would you answer someone who wanted to know what God wanted them to do? Do you know how to answer that question? Can you tell someone what God expects of them? Would you like to know? The answer to the question is simple—believe in Jesus. However, belief in Jesus andContinue reading “A Simple Work”

One Body

Are you going through a tough time? Are you hurting due to loss? Do you need someone to lean on? Are you trying to carry the entire load on your own? Are you willing to allow others to help you? We all go through tough times. We all experience loss. We all experience hurt. ThereContinue reading “One Body”

Spiritual Gifts

What are your gifts? Have you spent time to evaluate them? Do you know how to use your gifts? If not, are you willing to learn? Are you using them to further the kingdom of God? We are all given gifts by God. More specifically, Jesus gives each of us one or more gifts. SomeContinue reading “Spiritual Gifts”