Walk in the Light

Are you looking for light at the end of the tunnel? Would you like to see the light? Are you in need of instruction? Do you need guidance? Where have you been looking? Have you considered you have been looking in the wrong place? We all need guidance. We all need instruction. Even when weContinue reading “Walk in the Light”

Hope Without Question

What are your hopes? Do you hope in this life for things that you are not sure will happen? Would you like to hope for something with certainty? Do you know you can? We hear people hope for any number of things. They may hope to find a good mate. They may hope to buyContinue reading “Hope Without Question”

Eternal Winning

Do you like to be on the winning side? Are you competitive? Does losing upset set you or make you cringe or fume? Have you taken steps to be a winner? Are you following the One who can lead you to an eternity of winning? Many of us are competitive. Some are ultra-competitive. Losing isContinue reading “Eternal Winning”

All Authority

Who do you believe has authority? Who has authority over your life? Do you recognize the authority? Do you ignore authority? Do you acknowledge there is authority over you? Or do you think you are your own authority? Many of us have questioned authority at some point in our lives. It is especially true whenContinue reading “All Authority”

Filled to Overflowing

Have you ever skipped meals and became very hungry? Have you fasted for a day or two or more? Do you remember what it was like to eat the meal following that? Have you been parched? Have you been in the heat of the day without a drink for hours? Do you remember that coolContinue reading “Filled to Overflowing”

Weathering the Bad Times

Are you struggling through this life? Do you wonder if things will ever get better? Would you like to be convinced there is a brighter future? Will you take comfort in the promise made? Will you believe in the Lamb of God? We go through many struggles during our lives. There may be times whenContinue reading “Weathering the Bad Times”


Have you ever been thirsty? Have you been parched? Have you been so thirsty you were willing to drink just about anything? Did the drink you received taste wonderful? Do you know there is wonderful drink you can have every moment? We all get thirsty. We get a drink of water to satisfy our thirst.Continue reading “Wellspring”

Fix Your Eyes On Jesus

How do you view Jesus? How would you describe Him? If you were asked to put titles on Him, what would those titles be? Do you believe He has and continues to call you to Him? Are your thoughts fixed on Jesus? We have heard Jesus called the Son of God, Messiah, Savior, Son ofContinue reading “Fix Your Eyes On Jesus”

Perfection Through Obedience

What concerns you today? Are you in anguish over something? What would you like to change? Is there something in your life that needs rescuing? Are you in need of being saved? Have you chosen to obey God? We all need rescuing from something. There is something in our lives that needs God’s attention. WeContinue reading “Perfection Through Obedience”