Cry Out to God

Are you being overwhelmed by current circumstances? Do you wonder how you will ever overcome them? Does it feel as though they will completely consume you? Do you just want to cry out in a loud voice and ask why? We may experience times of overwhelming bad news. We may be fired from our job,Continue reading “Cry Out to God”

We All Fall Down

Do you ever feel as though you are being hunted? Have you had someone who is looking to take you down? Are there people who want to destroy you? What have you done in response? Have you trusted the One who has your best at heart? We have all likely felt as though there wasContinue reading “We All Fall Down”

Do Not Test God

Are you at times frustrated with waiting? Do you wish action would be taken sooner? Are you tired of barely holding on, waiting for relief to come? Do you ever wonder when God is going to lift you up out of the problems you are experiencing? We wait in many aspects of our lives. WeContinue reading “Do Not Test God”

Glory Versus Futility

What does it mean to become futile? Are your efforts futile? How does someone who is wise become a fool? Why would anyone exchange glory for foolishness? Why give up God for idol worship? We may believe turning to idol worship is foolish. And it is. We may believe giving up glory for foolishness isContinue reading “Glory Versus Futility”

Take Your Stand

What have you taken your stand on? Who have you taken your stand on? Have you taken your stand on the gospel, the good news, of Jesus Christ? Are you holding firmly to it? Or have you let go and believed in vain? We may take a stand on an issue. In fact, we oftenContinue reading “Take Your Stand”

Prevail In Faith

How is your faith? Are you holding onto it? Are you finding it challenging to do so in our current times? Do you long for easier days? Are you hanging on by a thread? Have you asked God to build your faith? We are living in troubling times. We have several disconcerting worries and activitiesContinue reading “Prevail In Faith”

Joy in Trials

Have you ever considered it to be a joy to face trials? Have you thought about the good that can come from facing challenges? Can you see the good God is working in your life as you persevere through trials and challenges? We may not mind facing challenges. In fact, many of us will purposelyContinue reading “Joy in Trials”

Continual Battle

What is your situational awareness? Are you paying attention to all that is going on around you? Do you see and understand what is going on behind the scenes? Do you see through the fog of busyness the root of all the negativeness? My observance of the human race is we are caught up inContinue reading “Continual Battle”

Questions to Doubt

Do you have questions? Do you have lots of questions? Is your tendency to question everything and everyone? Or do you only question what you disagree with or do not like? Do you question it, even when you know in your heart it is true? We all have questions. In fact, we may question manyContinue reading “Questions to Doubt”

Reconciliation In Christ

Do you feel alienated? Do you wonder if God has abandoned you? Do you feel guilty? Are you looking for reconciliation? Do you long for relief? Do you not understand God has already cleansed you? We all go through times of feeling alienated. We feel as though our family and friends have abandoned us. WeContinue reading “Reconciliation In Christ”