Do you feel blessed? Do you want to be blessed? What kind of blessing are you looking for? Is it a physical blessing? Is it a financial blessing? Is it a mental blessing? Is it a relationship blessing? Have you considered the blessings you have already received and are currently receiving? Desiring to be blessedContinue reading “Blessed”

Humility and Wisdom

How do you display wisdom? Do you display it through your decisions and choices? Do you display it in the way you live? Do you consider humility to be a portion of your wisdom? Does humility come as a result of wisdom? Would others consider you humble and wise? I venture to guess that mostContinue reading “Humility and Wisdom”

Live Sanctified

Do you have a tugging at your heart? Are you feeling as though you are being pulled in a specific direction for a specific purpose? Do you feel a little confused? Are you attempting to determine where it is leading you? There are times when we feel as though we are being pulled down aContinue reading “Live Sanctified”

The Meaning of a Title

Have you ever put much thought into a title? Have you thought about the different titles used for leadership positions? Do you automatically recognize someone’s job description by the title of their position? We use many different titles for leadership positions, ranging from manager to chief executive officer, mayor to president. We don’t see asContinue reading “The Meaning of a Title”

The Pull

Do you feel like you are being pulled in several directions all at once? Do you find that you are often having an internal argument with yourself, trying to decide what is best? Do you fight your inner desire to do evil versus doing good? Are you feeling the tug of war going on betweenContinue reading “The Pull”

In Step With God

Where do you see God in your life? Do you see Him at all? Do you see Him in your friends? Is He revealed in what you see around you? Can you see Him in the people you interact with? Or, do you feel as though God is hiding from you or has abandoned you?Continue reading “In Step With God”