Do you feel blessed? Do you want to be blessed? What kind of blessing are you looking for? Is it a physical blessing? Is it a financial blessing? Is it a mental blessing? Is it a relationship blessing? Have you considered the blessings you have already received and are currently receiving? Desiring to be blessedContinue reading “Blessed”

Seeing is Believing

What does it take for you to believe? Do you need to see it to believe it? Do you like to touch and feel things? Do you like the sensory interaction? What will it take for you to believe in Jesus? Are you waiting for a personal interaction? Do you think it is all makeContinue reading “Seeing is Believing”

Our Healer

Do you see your favorite doctor when you are sick? Have you gone to a doctor who was not very good, in your opinion? Have you gone to a different doctor to receive a different or to confirm a diagnosis? Do you ask people you know for recommendations regarding which doctor to see? Medical diagnosisContinue reading “Our Healer”

Knowing Jesus

Do you know who Jesus is? Have you heard about Him but not quite fully understand? Have you seen pictures painted by artists? How likely do you think they capture His likeness? Does His likeness really matter? What do you think is most important to know about Jesus? We have heard of God and Jesus.Continue reading “Knowing Jesus”


Do you care for others? Are you selfish, only looking out for your own interest? Do you pray for others’ needs and their well-being? Are you only praying for your own wants? What do you think God wants you to do? There is nothing wrong with praying for our needs. It isn’t even wrong toContinue reading “Intercession”