What are your beliefs about tithing? Do you believe they are required by God? Or do you believe it is simply a money-making scheme for churches? Do you really want to know the answer? Or are you satisfied to go on believing what you believe? Tithing can be a very divisive issue. Some believe itContinue reading “Tithing”


Do you care for others? Are you selfish, only looking out for your own interest? Do you pray for others’ needs and their well-being? Are you only praying for your own wants? What do you think God wants you to do? There is nothing wrong with praying for our needs. It isn’t even wrong toContinue reading “Intercession”

God Fulfills Needs

What do you need? Are you in need of something today? Do you need some material object? Are you in need of emotional support? Do you need spiritual renewal? Are you emotionally, spiritually, and physically drained? Our lives go in cycles. We have times of emotional highs and lows. We experience times of feeling asContinue reading “God Fulfills Needs”