Christ is Born!

What do you think of when you think of Christmas? Do you think of all the glitz, glamor, bright lights, a tree, and presents? Or do you remember it is a celebration of the birth of Jesus? Do you celebrate His birth on Christmas Day? Christmas has become very commercialized. We all know it. WeContinue reading “Christ is Born!”

An Amazing Sight

Have you heard about something that made you so excited you just couldn’t wait to go see it? Was it as wondrous as you thought it would be? Have you received a message from the Lord? If you did, did you go where He told you? If not, would you go where He told you?Continue reading “An Amazing Sight”

God as a Newborn

Do you like to hold newborn babies? Are you afraid you will hurt them? Do you think they are fragile? Are you over caring, overreacting to every sneeze, cough, or cry? How would you feel if you had been Mary holding the newborn baby Jesus? We all react differently with newborns. Some of us can’tContinue reading “God as a Newborn”

Miraculous Birth

Have you heard the news? Have you been told the wonderful news? Do you look forward to the celebration? Is it a one-day celebration or do you celebrate throughout the year? How do you celebrate? Do you have a big family dinner? Do you gather for multiple dinners? Christmas Day is still several days away.Continue reading “Miraculous Birth”