Our Healer

Do you see your favorite doctor when you are sick? Have you gone to a doctor who was not very good, in your opinion? Have you gone to a different doctor to receive a different or to confirm a diagnosis? Do you ask people you know for recommendations regarding which doctor to see? Medical diagnosisContinue reading “Our Healer”

Blind Faith

Have you been in a situation in which you did not see what others saw? Were you unable to follow along with the logic of an instructor? Did you not see the animal shape in the cloud because of the angle you were looking? Did you feel left out because you did not see? WeContinue reading “Blind Faith”

Jesus Heals

Are you in search of healing? Do you have a physical injury or ailment you are seeking relief from? Are you suffering from a disease or illness for which you desire a cure? Is your spirit in need of being made whole from a broken countenance? Have you earnestly turned to Jesus? Injuries happen toContinue reading “Jesus Heals”