Jesus Prays for You

Have you been in a trial and needed strength to get through it? Where did you look to gain the strength you need? Did you turn to a friend? Family? Co-worker? Did you turn to the One who can give you the strength you need at any time? Did you ask God for strength? AtContinue reading “Jesus Prays for You”

Choose the Cornerstone

How well do you make the right choice? Do you fall for making a bad choice often? Or are you able to stand strong in the power of God and make the right choice? Are you willing to stand on the foundation God has laid? Do you know the cornerstone of the building God isContinue reading “Choose the Cornerstone”

Seek True Joy

Are you looking for joy, especially during this Christmas season? Do you sometimes put a smile on your face when you do not feel joyful? Would you like to have an inexpressible joy all the time? Have you turned to the One who can give that joy to you? Sometimes we simply do not feelContinue reading “Seek True Joy”

Jesus Heals

Are you in search of healing? Do you have a physical injury or ailment you are seeking relief from? Are you suffering from a disease or illness for which you desire a cure? Is your spirit in need of being made whole from a broken countenance? Have you earnestly turned to Jesus? Injuries happen toContinue reading “Jesus Heals”

Live in Safety

Do you long for safety? Are you looking for a place where you feel safe and secure? Would you like to lay down at night without worry, fear, or anxiety? Have you turned to the One who can grant it to you? Have you learned and committed to trusting God? Many live in fear today.Continue reading “Live in Safety”

Do Not Covet

Is there something you have longed for and have been unable to acquire? Have you longed after another person? Have you desired the possessions of someone you knew—a relative or neighbor? Our culture tells us to go acquire more. It tells us we deserve it, whether we do or not. There are huge advertising campaignsContinue reading “Do Not Covet”

Accepting Rest

Does your soul seek rest? Have you found it? Are you looking in the right place? Have you heard the correct message? Have you put your faith in the One who can grant you the rest you seek? Will you commit to Jesus? Whether we realize it or not, our souls seek rest. We desireContinue reading “Accepting Rest”

Trust Jesus

What evidence convinces you something is a fact? Do you need to be a witness of it? Will you listen to the testimony of witnesses? Does the reputation of the witness matter? Do you look for signs of truth? Will you throw away the truth if you do not have confirmation? Getting to the bottomContinue reading “Trust Jesus”

God is Always with Us

Are there things you love in this world? Do you love your home? Do you love your job? Do you love the great outdoors? Do you love your family? Are those loves equal? Do you love some more than others? Who or what is your greatest love? We love lots of things, people, and pets.Continue reading “God is Always with Us”

Jesus Understands

Do you ever feel like God has forgotten you? Do you feel like he has abandoned you? Do you just want to scream, “Why God? Where are you God?” Do you know you are not alone? Do you know Jesus asked those same questions? We are sometimes in some very dire situations. We feel asContinue reading “Jesus Understands”