God Provides

Do you know people in need? Have you ever encountered and orphan? How many widows do you know? Have you known someone who was left desolate? Do you know someone who has lost everything they own? Have you known someone who was wrongly imprisoned? I’m sure most of us either currently know of or hasContinue reading “God Provides”

Be Ready

Are you ready? Can you defend your faith? Can you explain why you have hope? Can you tell others why you act differently than everyone else? Will you explain to them in a gentle way? Is your conscience clear? We defend ourselves in many ways. Sometimes we defend our bad decisions or behavior. Other timesContinue reading “Be Ready”

Listen Carefully

Do you believe in conspiracy theories? Are you continually looking for a hidden meaning in what someone says? Or do you fail to look beyond the surface? Do you only hear what you want to hear? Are you seeking truth? Or are you merely looking for what you want? We don’t have to look hardContinue reading “Listen Carefully”

Peace of Christ

What does peace mean to you? Do you view it as a ceasing of fighting between two nations? Does it mean getting along well with others? Are you seeking peace, a harmonious relationship with someone in your life? Have you considered that peace can mean more? We hear of peace talks between nations, especially duringContinue reading “Peace of Christ”

Waiting in Grief

Do you like waiting? What if you are waiting in grief? What if all your hopes had just been dashed? What if you feel as though your dreams were just crushed? Do you look for something to put your hope in? Is the waiting excruciating in one of these situations? Our culture has conditioned usContinue reading “Waiting in Grief”

The Known Future

Do you want to know the future? Do you wish you knew how your life would turn out? Do you simply want to know what’s ahead of you for the next week, month, or year? Would you like to know when your last day on this earth is? How do you think Jesus felt asContinue reading “The Known Future”

Do Not Be Troubled

Is your heart troubled? Are you yearning for peace? Do you long for relief and rest? Are you looking for someone or something to put your trust in? Do you need your confidence boosted? Have you put your faith in God and in Jesus Christ? Will you trust the One who will return? We mayContinue reading “Do Not Be Troubled”

Our Healer

Do you see your favorite doctor when you are sick? Have you gone to a doctor who was not very good, in your opinion? Have you gone to a different doctor to receive a different or to confirm a diagnosis? Do you ask people you know for recommendations regarding which doctor to see? Medical diagnosisContinue reading “Our Healer”

False Justification

Do you justify yourself? Do you justify your actions? How do you justify your actions? Do you justify them according to worldly thinking? Does that worldly thinking include justifying yourself with the almighty dollar? How far will that get you in eternity? We justify our actions in a variety of ways. We make excuses forContinue reading “False Justification”

Tempted in Weakness

Have you been tempted? Have you been sorely tempted when you were at a weak point in your life? Was it after you had gone through a horrendous accident? Was it after you had a relationship fall apart? Was it while you were recovering from an extensive surgery? It often seems as though the mostContinue reading “Tempted in Weakness”