See God At Work

Do you want to know what God is doing? Would you like to see what He is up to? Would you like to understand what He is doing and why? We all like to understand. It doesn’t matter if it is why our spouse does something or how to do our jobs. We like knowingContinue reading “See God At Work”

Creative Obedience

Are you a person who needs checklists to maintain order? Do you need to be told exactly, step-by-step, what to do? Or are you a person who works best with general guidance? Do you work better when you can be creative to accomplish a task? In general, there are two types of people when itContinue reading “Creative Obedience”

Open Your Mind

What do you know about God? Do you know who He is? Do you think He cares for the living? Do you think He cares for the dead? Do you know what Jesus says about who God is? Do you want to know? Many people have their own idea of who God is. Often, HeContinue reading “Open Your Mind”

Proclaiming God

What must happen for you to proclaim the greatness of it? How extraordinary must it be? Are you easily impressed, or does it take something near other worldly? Would God standing right in front of you be impressive enough for you to proclaim it? We often see or hear people being over dramatic about eventsContinue reading “Proclaiming God”

Leave Your Prison

Will you listen to truth? Or will you seek to hear what pleases you? Are you willing to open yourself to truth? Or are you chasing after myths and legends? Have you spent time pondering questions such as these? We continually hear accusations of false truths being spoken by opponents. It doesn’t seem to matterContinue reading “Leave Your Prison”

Our Plan, God’s Plan

Do you spend time planning? Do you think through all the options and make wise choices? Have you planned out your retirement years, perhaps decades, down the road? What will you do when God disrupts your plans with His plan? We often plan out our retirement, our vacations, our weddings, we may even plan outContinue reading “Our Plan, God’s Plan”