Seeing is Believing

What does it take for you to believe? Do you need to see it to believe it? Do you like to touch and feel things? Do you like the sensory interaction? What will it take for you to believe in Jesus? Are you waiting for a personal interaction? Do you think it is all makeContinue reading “Seeing is Believing”

The Good Shepherd’s Voice

Do you know people by their voice? Do you know, without seeing, your mother or father’s voice? Do you know your boss’s voice? Do you know your spouses’ voice? How many voices do you know? Do you know the voice of God when you hear it? We know the voice of many people. We haveContinue reading “The Good Shepherd’s Voice”

Needs Provided For

Have you ever felt as though something was missing? Have you felt like you were lacking something, something important? Have you persevered through the trial to gain what you were lacking? Did you ask God to provide what you were lacking? We may feel as though we are lacking. But many times, that feeling isContinue reading “Needs Provided For”

Ask What, Not Why

Do you wonder why you are in the situation you face today? Have you wished you were taller, shorter, thinner, heavier, more talented, smarter, etc.? Are you currently striving to change yourself into someone you were not meant to be? Many of us ask why. We ask why we were made the way we were.Continue reading “Ask What, Not Why”

Stumble But Remain Upright

Do you stumble sometimes? Do you fall? Are you able to get back up? Do you stumble in life? Have you experienced setbacks? Are you able to pick yourself up and get back on track? Would you like to have help? Would you like reassurance? As my mother has gotten older, I have begun toContinue reading “Stumble But Remain Upright”

Recognize the Experience

Who do you turn to when you need help? Who is your go to person when you don’t feel well? Who is the person you trust when you need wise advice? Is there someone among your family or friends who is that special person? We all need someone we can turn to when sickness orContinue reading “Recognize the Experience”

Root of Thankfulness

How do you live your life? What or who are you rooted in? Does that root go deep or is it shallow and spread out like a spider web? Do you receive the nourishment you need to strengthen you, or do you wither when it gets hot? It may seem odd to compare ourselves toContinue reading “Root of Thankfulness”

Faith Building Through Tithing

Have you ever wondered why churches collect money—contributions or donations? Do you think it is simply to fill their bank accounts? Have you ever thought it was a command? Do you know it is more about obedience than it is about paying the bills? We have likely heard, if not said or thought ourselves, thatContinue reading “Faith Building Through Tithing”

Ye Of Little Faith

Do you have a tall task ahead of you? Are you procrastinating taking it on? Do you have a feeling of dread when thinking about it? Have you allowed the task to grow in your mind? Have you asked God for His help? Sooner or later we all face a task we believe will beContinue reading “Ye Of Little Faith”

Catastrophe Strikes

Have you suffered defeat? Has a group of people ganged up on you and overwhelmed you? Have you lost a job because of unsubstantiated rumors? Have you lost a loved one to a disease? Do you wonder how you can continue to move forward? We face catastrophic events in our lives. Some are more severeContinue reading “Catastrophe Strikes”